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United! Community Prayer

  Thursdays @ 8:30am—9am   

  @CommonGround Room 4


“Anyone presently working with OR interested in working with children are required to attend Safe Sanctuary (re)training. Training is scheduled for  February 17 from 3:30-4:30 @CommonGround.

If you cannot attend, but still need the training, please contact Johnny Norton (704-898-6161) to schedule alternative training via computer.”


Nursery Volunteers are needed

@ Main St.  If you are willing to help,

please contact Kim Smith

call or text 704-616-5354 Email


SENIOR EXERCISE Group meets Monday & Friday each week @ 9:30am in the family life center gym on CommonGround.. You don’t have to be a senior everyone is Welcome!

Have you ever considered electronic giving?

In the bulletin each week there is a link to go online and make your contribution.  But if you bank online, you can set up a contribution to be sent weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  The bank will mail the check and you don’t have to worry about it.

If you don’t have the internet, you can always put cash or a check in an offering envelope each Sunday or as often as you wish to give.

We come to church to worship God but is takes our contributions to have church.

Current Prayer Request

Sharon Cantrell (surgery 2/1/19) Doug West (TLC 106), William Winchester (home), Diane Overman, Claude Lutz, Tim Messer, Ethel White, Bill Mason, Tana Ensley, Archie Huskins, Terry Moore, Gracie Lewis, Hazel Deason, Christine Rudisill, Anne Martin, Sean Quinn, Susan Wyatt, Carolyn Caldwell, Mark Caldwell, Wayne Pope (Grant Thram’s co-driver has cancer), Michelle Adkinson, Maddie Walter’s prayer list –Paw-Paw, Nana, Poppy, Uncle Patrick, Uncle Brett’s  om, Mom, Dad, Mason, Ms. Combs, Ms. Courtright, Camille Glick, Tim Bumgarner (Don & Tommy’s brother)

Continued Prayer

Betty Jacobsen, Sherry Causey, Floyd Henderson (TLC 519), Kelly, John, Anna, Jayden Bowen, Don Bumgarner, Janie Dunsmore, Jane Summey, Weeta Garner, Janice Clubb, Scott Ballard, Margaret Robbins, Lee Stone, Judy Hinson, Jim Cantrell, Brenda Gantt, Donna Bumgarner, Naomi Cannon, Ted & Joyce Reid, Stuart Dunsmore, Cameron Harris, Dave McSwain, Curtis Harris, Jan & Eddie Stewart, Lynn McSwain & Colby, Rachel Nokes (Wendy Davis’ Mother), Jean Chaney (cancer), Robert Brotherton, Bob Frye (Laura McGuire’s brother) lung cancer, Dewanna Watkins (Sharon & Jim Cantrell’s niece), Rita McElwaine (Sonja Johnson’s mother), Vanessa Thomas, Opal Lowery (Chris Tessnear’s aunt), Mark Caldwell, Adam York friend of Sean bloom (has aggressive bone cancer), Mildred Adams (Teresa West’s sister), Mrs. Vivian Fite (cancer), Maudie Rhinehart, Miles Ivey Summey, Karen Davis’ father Fred Harman, David Hudspeth, Hazel Buzzard, Luther Murphy, Deann Newman, Willy Jones, Russell Cooper, Richard Cope, Brian Stacey

Prayer requests are removed after 4 weeks unless requested to stay on, if you need someone or yourself added back on please contact the church office.