Small Group Podcast – Session 2

FUMC Stanley, NC – Small Group 2/10/19 by Mark Etchison
God glory overflows every aspect of life.
If we don’t want to see God we don’t have to.
God gently reaching out and trying to develop a relationship with us.
Jesus lives in such a way that he inspired belief of the goodness of God all around us.
Jesus said,“Don’t let your hearts be troubled.”
I am in the father and the father is in me.
Jesus shows us the connection with the father.
When you act in my name, you’ll do greater works than me.
He is telling us that we are going to be connected to the Father.
I can get to know him in the experiences of our lives.
Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it in the name of Jesus Christ.
If you love me you will keep my commands….
…I will manifest myself to you.
(Repeated three times in scripture)
He got right down in the mist of their mess.
And if we are going to love like Jesus, we need to get in the mist of their mess.
We think of love as the way we feel.
I see you as more significant than me.
Humility is not a depreciation of your own worth.
If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord…
He overcomes evil with good.
You can live in such a way to open people up to his Light.
You have to decide to do it.
We Change our thoughts
We change with our actions
We are dead to the old way of life, the new life, that we are connected
The body of sin might be brought to nothing…
Our bodies learn sin the same ways we learned to walk
Our body of sin has learned a life without God.
The body of sin must be done away with…
“Do you know when Jesus thinks about you, he smiles.”
Take the morning and pick one person you are going to interact with a lot that day.
Choose day one someone easy.
Then someone hard.
Love out blessing

Small Group Podcast – Session 1

FUMC Stanley, NC – Small Group – 1/13/19 by Mark Etchison

Session 1 – Knowing Jesus

Notes provided by Todd Burton:
Salvation is participating in the life of God.
Paul calls it reconciliation. (But that is really the same thing)
Ignorance that comes from hardest of heart.
John 17:3 (Eternal Life) and this is eternal life that they know you, the one true God, Jesus Christ…
Relationship with Jesus is a two way street
We were created for sharing life with God.
Who is Jesus?& God’s Son.
Faith comes from interactive relationship.
Roman 8:28
If that is 100% true…
Faith is trusting something enough to act like it’s true, whether you can see it or not.
Don’t worry about your life.
Jesus brought us salvation by showing us that we are children of God too.
Jesus said to Peter, why did you doubt.
They missed that they were the son of God as well.
Jesus tried to show us that we have been offered the same interaction with God as him.
It’s not right in your face like the rest of your life, but you will miss God if you aren’t focused on him.
God could have revealed himself in many ways, but they only way we would have known he was The Father was to be revealed by The Son.
By the sweat of your brow (on your on effort)
We are to care for creation.
Disease was never suppose to be part of creation.
Jesus said, “I speak and my father works”
Worry is a form of doubt. You only worry because you think this isn’t going to turn out good.
Anxiety: Experiencing failure before it happens.
When you experience something to such a degree it doesn’t occur to you to doubt. (Like oxygen in a room)
Jesus said to Peter “I have prayed for you.”
It’s through prayer that our faith grows by experience.
I wouldn’t waist by time if I didn’t believe just a little bit.
There is something to prayer that gives you enough faith to try it.
Continue steadfastly in prayer…
Stay with it…
We are to pray in the name of Jesus (To pray on his behalf, acting in his place, on his agenda. (Then you are assured of his resources)
Start where you are, just start praying.
Whatever you do in word or deed, everything that you do, do it in the name of Jesus. (And that’s partnership!)
You will find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Everywhere Jesus might be, I’m looking.
I’m going to do everything I can in the name of Jesus. (Pray without ceasing)
Prayer: Prayer is talking to God about what He and I are doing together.
When you pray and you are attentive you will learn to see his hand in everything you do.
Two parts to all change:
You have to change your thoughts and you have change your habits.
The people you are around effect your habits.
Scripture memorize:
Psalms 16:
Preserve me Oh God
The Lord is my chosen portion…
Golden rule: Therefore (refers to what is before it)
Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find…
You will never be able to love others until you realize how much God loves you and cares for you.
John 14:12