Small Group Podcast – Session 2

FUMC Stanley, NC – Small Group 2/10/19 by Mark Etchison
God glory overflows every aspect of life.
If we don’t want to see God we don’t have to.
God gently reaching out and trying to develop a relationship with us.
Jesus lives in such a way that he inspired belief of the goodness of God all around us.
Jesus said,“Don’t let your hearts be troubled.”
I am in the father and the father is in me.
Jesus shows us the connection with the father.
When you act in my name, you’ll do greater works than me.
He is telling us that we are going to be connected to the Father.
I can get to know him in the experiences of our lives.
Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it in the name of Jesus Christ.
If you love me you will keep my commands….
…I will manifest myself to you.
(Repeated three times in scripture)
He got right down in the mist of their mess.
And if we are going to love like Jesus, we need to get in the mist of their mess.
We think of love as the way we feel.
I see you as more significant than me.
Humility is not a depreciation of your own worth.
If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord…
He overcomes evil with good.
You can live in such a way to open people up to his Light.
You have to decide to do it.
We Change our thoughts
We change with our actions
We are dead to the old way of life, the new life, that we are connected
The body of sin might be brought to nothing…
Our bodies learn sin the same ways we learned to walk
Our body of sin has learned a life without God.
The body of sin must be done away with…
“Do you know when Jesus thinks about you, he smiles.”
Take the morning and pick one person you are going to interact with a lot that day.
Choose day one someone easy.
Then someone hard.
Love out blessing