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Resource Connection Gateway for Gaston County

  • How would you handle these situations:
    • A friend suddenly loses their job without warning
    • Someone stops you in a parking lot and asks for a handout
    • You are overwhelmed by your financial situation
    • A friend is bereaved or depressed
    • Your coworker asks you where he can get some parenting guidance?
  • The Resource Connection Gateway provides a single connection point to resources to address these and other human needs. The Gateway extends a hand-up and not just a hand-out to anyone in need.
    • Just enter the person’s name and contact number into the PORTAL and they will immediately be called by a qualified, caring member of our team
    • Immediate personal, pastoral contact
    • Individualized vetting to determine urgency of situation
    • Referral, with supports to proper crisis agency for their locale
    • Invitation for cost-appropriate clinical counseling
    • Ongoing case oversight and accountability